High Quality Medical Apparel

HPK Industries is Proud to Continue to Manufacture Products in the United States of America with American Labor.

We oversee our own manufacturing operations to maintain a strict level of quality control.

Disposable Clean Room Apparel

Fast Production Turnarounds

Our manufacturing process in incredibly agile. When customers need custom products quickly, HPK Industries delivers.

Specialized Laboratory Apparel

Covers & Closures for Pipes & Hoses

High Quality Covers & Closures

HPK product covers and closures fit machines, laboratory glassware, piping, and all sorts of small openings in your production area.

Made from four fabrics, SMS, Alliance® ,Tyvek® and Chemflex® our extensive range of covers and closures protect all sizes of equipment, simplify conformance to SOPs, reduce cross-contamination and improve the appearance of your production area.