Breathable Gaylord Box & Pallet Covers

HPK breathable covers provide a convenient means to protect contents of Gaylord boxes and Large Bins, Super Sacs and Drums in your facility. HPK breathable covers are made with durable materials where needed for strength and security while featuring unique breathable center area that allows a high rate of cooling and humidity to escape.  They are available  in standard sizes or can be made to a specific measurement.  Made from SMS, Tyvek® or Alliance®, materials, HPK covers are made with the specific properties you require for your application. Please review the material information below to make the proper selection. Custom covers are also available call us for details.

• Simplifies conformance to SOPs
• Reduces cross-contamination
• Breathable to allow wet surfaces to dry
• Protects all sizes of equipment
• Form-fitted
• Lint free, antistatic
• Will not shed or attract particles
• Designed to be fast and easy to apply