Equipment, Mill, Coater & Dryer Covers

HPK equipment covers provide a convenient means to protect machines, carts, and other equipment in production areas. HPK covers can be used to make various equipment GMP compliant and to simplify conformance to SOPs. These covers are made in many shapes and sizes and can incorporate elastic or snaps into their design to make the covers fast and easy to apply. Made from SMS, Tyvek®, Alliance®, or Chemflex®, materials HPK equipment covers are made with the specific properties you require for your application. Materials lint free, antistatic, moisture resistant, puncture resistant and extremely tough.  Custom covers are available call us for details.

• Simplifies conformance to SOPs
• Reduces cross-contamination
• Can be breathable to allow wet surfaces to dry or fluid repellent.
• Protects all sizes of equipment
• Form-fitted
• Lint free, antistatic
• Will not shed or attract particles
• Designed to be fast and easy to apply